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Loll + Vacation Rentals -A match made in Heaven

by Loll Designs |

When it comes to furnishing the outdoor space of a vacation rental property, quite a few factors come into play. The search for furniture that strikes the perfect balance between durability, low-maintenance upkeep, and easy cleaning can prove to be difficult. Not to mention, finding pieces that look good and fit with any design style adds another set of challenges. 

With the ability to perform exceptionally well in high-traffic areas and withstand the elements, it's no wonder why vacation rental owners choose Loll. Curious about their experiences, we touched base with a few property owners whose outdoor spaces face heat, snow, wind, sandstorms and more.


Fresh Coast Cabins & True North Cabin - Copper Harbor, Michigan

Two images side by side: Left Image: It is dusk and the sun is setting while two men and a woman are standing around a lowly lit fire. Loll furniture surrounds the fire. Pine trees peak into the horizon scene. Right Image: Four Lollygagger Lounge Chairs sit on a deck around a circular raised fire pit. The scene is overlooking Lake Superior and the northland woods.

Being located on Lake Superior, means picturesque views, but it also means the potential for high winds, snow, and some crazy weather for the Fresh Coast and True North Cabins. Their owner Lynn Makela told us, “We could not be happier with our selection of Loll furniture on our property. During storm season, we regularly receive 50-60mph gusts and Loll products take it like a champ. They receive a full boatload of snow and debris each winter… and in the spring, we spray ‘em off, wipe ‘em down, and they’re good to go.”

Lynn went on to say, “We love our Loll so much that we created our own webpage to sing praises! We're upscale rustic and lollygagging is the name of the game for us and our guests on Lake Superior. We're a Modern Lollygagger destination if you will.” 

The Graham Residence - Yucca Valley, California

Two Images of the a home in high desert: Left Image: three Cabrio Chairs with one featuring a woman sitting around a fire. It is the evening and the Graham Residence is lit up in the background. Right Image: It is winter and there is snow on the ground at dusk. There are three Cabrio chairs surrounding a lit fire with the Graham Residence in the background.

“One of our favorite activities is simply sitting around the fire bowl in our Loll Cabrio Chairs. They have been our staple outdoor seating since the beginning.” state Lindsey and Yoni, owners of The Graham Residence.

A popular year-round property, this mid-century modern retreat & rotating gallery sits on 20 acres in the boulders of Yucca Valley, California. When asked how their furniture is holding up in the harsh desert weather, Lindsey and Yoni said, “We've had our furniture 5 years and each time we arrive at The Graham Residence they look like they were just pulled out of the packaging. The desert climate can be harsh with extremely high winds so we've been in awe of how well the material holds up. It's great to have high quality yet low maintenance outdoor furniture, especially with our home being a vacation rental.”

Antelope Run - Paradise Valley, Montana

Two Images Side by Side: Left Image: Two black lollygagger chairs sitting in a field of grasses and purple wildflowers. Behind them are mountains in the distance and blue skys with some clouds. Right image: six black Lollygagger Chairs around a fire pit. Behind the chairs is a home with wooden siding. in the distance are mountains. The sky is blue with some wispy clouds.

In Paradise Valley, MN, among 30 acres of land lies Antelope Run's rental houses and plenty of Lollygaggers Lounge Chairs to take in and appreciate the mountainous views. What does the owner, Andy, think of outdoor furniture? “The Lollygaggers are great. We especially love the rockers. They are comfortable, a good height, and feel really sturdy rocking on the porch by the fire. The chairs are also very easy to clean, they wipe right off.”

Beyond the functional aspect, Andy had a very specific look and feel in mind for Antelope Run to truly take their guests on a journey. “We are trying to create a contemporary vernacular with our design - we want to be of the place but also contemporary. A bit farm, a bit factory, a bit mid-century modern and the Lollygagger Chair fits right into this. It is recognizable but different, classic but also unique. The chairs are also low and, as we sink into the chairs, the native grasses mix with the horizon and the mountains are beautifully framed.”

The Pioneer House - Pioneer town, California

Two images: Left image: features an Alfresco Dining set on a patio with a driftwood grey table and sunset orange benches. there are peaches in a bowl on the table and a green bottle of sparkling water. behind the table a woman in a dark green jumpsuit is walking out of a sliding door onto the patio. Right Image: two driftwood grey Lollygagger Chairs with a charcoal grey side table between them are facing out to look at mountains in the distance. A book is resting face down open on the side table.

Located on a patch of land in Southern California that encounters many extreme weather conditions, including heat, desert winds and more, owner Thomas from the Pioneer House reflects on his experience with Loll at this one-of-a-kind rental property.

When I first started to build out the lounge areas around the property it quickly became a trial and error for what furniture could survive the extreme conditions of the high desert (snow, floods, extreme heat, sandstorms, high winds, the list goes on). From that moment on, all three lounge areas and a custom swing later have been replaced with Loll Designs furniture and all nine pieces look the same as the day I bought them.

We have received numerous comments on the style as they are familiar but the clean lines look like something new. The Lollygagger Loungers have also added some surprise and delight when our guests discover the bottle opener nestled underneath the arm of the chair.

Thinking about how the Lollygagger line has held up under the extreme conditions of the California high desert makes me wish I had a time-lapse camera setup, on our Lollygagger Lounge area (four loungers and side tables) in the back that has seen it all when it comes to weather. This area in the summer sees temperatures upwards of 100 degrees with the sun overhead ready to melt anything under it. In the winter we see a steady balance of snow and floods followed by high winds of 40 mph in the beginning of each year.

Through it all, those loungers have never faded, cracked or moved across the property in high winds. They get a shower to wash off the dust and dirt occasionally but beyond that they are as resilient as I have found in outdoor furniture. The chairs will outlive the house for sure.”

At the end of the day, we do what we do to help people get outside and appreciate the outdoors. That's why we're so happy to hear stories like these from vacation rental owners with an eye for design and unwavering standards on the same mission as us when guests visit their properties: to create spaces for them to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. The fact that our furniture thrives in high-traffic areas and withstands severe weather conditions means it will be around for years and years of outdoor enjoyment. 

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