Loll’s Hometown; Get to Know Loll

Loll’s Hometown; Get to Know Loll

Here at Loll, we are proud to call Duluth, Minnesota our home since our beginning in 2005. As a lover of Loll, we think you will love Duluth and the Lollygaggers who live here too!

We can’t help but want to show off all the things that Duluth, MN has to offer. So, we have pulled together a list of some must-see spots to visit and things to do while you enjoy a weekend in the Northland. Got a pup? Bring them along for the weekend. Duluth, like Loll, is all about the dogs. So, buckle up and get ready for what a weekend in Duluth looks like for a Modern Lollygagger during the first few weeks of Fall!


Saturday Morning:

Sauna at Cedar and Stone

To Lollygag means to be idle, relax, and take your time. We can’t think of a better way to relax and destress than with a morning sauna at Cedar and Stone. They are located near Canal Park, just outside of the hotel Pier B, and are right on Lake Superior. Cedar and Stone has two saunas and a cold plunge that is guided and takes you into the harbor of Lake Superior. Between the Saunas is also a changing room, so you can change after your session to keep your day moving on to your next adventure, but if you arrive early or want to soak in the moment a little longer, there are several Loll pieces like our Tavi Chair and our ever-popular Lollygagger Bench that sit around a fire pit for you to enjoy.

Although this is a spot we never want to leave, the promise of a great local breakfast carries us to our next stop during the weekend.


Left Image: A closeup of a Cloud White Tavi Chair in front of the Cedar and Stone Sauna. Right Image: A woman doing a cold plunge at Cedar and Stone.

Duluth grill
(Pup Friendly Patio)

They say breakfast is the most important meal and at the Duluth Grill it’s also the most delicious. This local spot is not only tasty, but they offer lots of options to accommodate any dietary restrictions. Personally, we love their Wake’n Bacon Burger, but you can’t go wrong when it comes to local fresh ingredients. Grab a seat inside for a full breakfast or enjoy a cup of coffee in one of their Lollygagger Lounge Chairs on their pup-friendly patio.


Bent Paddle
(Pup Friendly Patio)

Not only will you find great beer at Bent Paddle, but you’ll also find…. Loll! That’s right, Bent Paddle is completely outfitted with our durable, maintenance-free furniture both inside and in the Yard, where they often have live music and food trucks.

 We listed Bent Paddle as third on our list for the first weekend of October because this is during our Bent Paddle Yard Sale on October 7th, 2023. During this Saturday we will be selling pieces from The Yard at Bent Paddle from noon to 6:00 PM, along with other new and used boxed products from Loll. This sale will be HUGE, with favorites from collections like the Lollygagger and Alfresco Dining starting at 30% off, with sales going up to 60% off. We couldn’t let you visit Duluth without a chance to take some of it home with you after all!


Two images of Bent Paddle. Left image: Leaf Green furniture on Bent Paddles Patio. Right image: Inside the Bent Paddle Tap Room. A black Alfresco Bar set.
Love Creamery
(Pup Friendly Patio)

By now you have been well-fed and scored some amazing furniture to take home with you on Sunday. This means you deserve a sweet treat and a pup cup from our local ice cream shop, Love Creamery. This little shop is just around the block from Bent Paddle, so you don’t even need to move your car, just walk on over for one of their dairy or vegan ice cream flavors. You can choose from classics like Mint Chocolate Chip, and Vanilla, or get adventurous and try a scoop of their Turmeric Honeycomb. Take a moment to enjoy your dessert and grab a seat on a Loll Park Bench in front of Love Creamery.

Need a little pick-me-up? Love Creamery also makes delicious coffee. 


Saturday Afternoon

The Aquarium and Zoo in Duluth both present some great options for a few hours of entertainment whether you have kids along or not! While you may not be able to check them both out in one weekend, we had to include them both so you could make the choice yourself.


Lake Superior Zoo

The Lake Superior Zoo is open from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. daily and has a variety of interesting animals to see, including their newest animal, the Red Panda. They have both indoor and outdoor exhibits so you can visit rain or shine.


Great Lakes Aquarium 

The Great Lakes Aquarium is open from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. daily and is all indoors. While this aquarium is mostly freshwater it does have a variety of exhibits including two touch tanks. One of these tanks is a large sturgeon touch tank where you can pet the sturgeon. This tank is on the first floor where you will see a variety of Loll seating both inside and out on the patio as well.


Left Image: White Hall Tables and Benches are paired with Sunset Orange Emin Dining Chairs on the patio of the Great Lakes Aquarium and are looking out towards the lift bridge. Right Image: A closeup of the Lusi Bench in Cloud White next to an inside display at the Great Lakes Aquarium. Canal Park Brewing
(Pup Friendly Patio)

After an afternoon at the Zoo or Aquarium, you can grab lunch or afternoon appetizers at Canal Park Brewing! They are right off the lake walk which is a tourist and local hotspot that feels like a must-see for any visit. If you have brought a pup, you can sit outside in their Loll seating and enjoy one of their handcrafted brews like their Seasonal Cherry Bomb.

 Left Image: View of the Canal Park Brewery's patio featuring Loll Lago Chairs and a Bolinas Cocktail Table. Image Right: View of Canal Park Brewing Patio looking out towards the lake featuring the Alfresco dining table sets in black.Sister Cities Park
(Pup Friendly)

Sister Cities Park is a hidden gem in Duluth that overlooks Canal Park and the Lift Bridge! It’s a perfect walk back to any downtown hotel from Canal Park Brewing or to sit and enjoy the sunset on a Loll Picket Bench.

Don’t forget to take a moment after your walk to relax and refresh before heading out for a delicious dinner up the shore!


Saturday Night

New Scenic Cafe

Just outside of Duluth on the way to Two Harbors is New Scenic Café, an upper scale restaurant that serves New American cuisine. This little spot serves amazing food and we love their commitment to being sustainable along with being delicious. This spot fills up in advance so you will want to make sure to book a reservation for a table before you drive up!

 Image: Front view of New Scenic Cafe in fall. A set of six Adirondack Chairs in the Cloud White are set around a fire pit  in the front left portion of the image.

Sunday Morning / Afternoon

Bike the Lollygagger Trail

At Loll, we give back to our community by donating 1% of proceeds from our Lollygagger Collection annually. Through our commitment to 1% For The Planet, we donated to the organization COGG’s and they created the Lollygagger Trail for mountain bikers in Duluth to explore and enjoy. If you are a biker and have brought a bike along, we think you will love this trail! It has stunning scenery and is a moderate ride that is great for beginners.

 Not a mountain biker but still looking for an exciting way to start your morning? Spirit Mountain’s adventure park may be the ticket!


Image: Man in the air on a mountain bike trail riding a mountain bike. Spirit Mountain.

Enjoy a later start to your Sunday and hit the adventure park at Spirit Mountain when they open at 10:00 a.m. They have a variety of rides including both more extreme options like their alpine coaster and zipline along with some more relaxed choices like miniature golf and their scenic chairlift ride. Regardless of which rides you choose to try; the adventure park is fun for everyone and has views of the whole city!


Bayfield Apple Fest
(Pup Friendly)

Lastly, if you come up on the weekend of our Yard Sale at Bent Paddle on the 7th of October, you will also be up during Bayfield’s Annual Apple Festival! This event runs from Friday to Sunday, so you have multiple opportunities to experience it out in Bayfield, WI. While in town you can check out artisans, food vendors, and even a local parade! If you make this a part of your weekend in the Northland, we would encourage bringing along some cash or being willing to walk as parking is limited near downtown.

Duluth, MN is full of places to visit and things to do, which is part of why we are so proud to call it home! While we couldn’t include all our favorites into one weekend trip, these stops are a great starting point for anyone looking to explore our city and love it the way we do.

We hope in taking a trip to Duluth you can understand why we Lollygag here and enjoy a weekend of lollygagging yourself!