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Weathering the Storm: So, How Durable is Loll Designs?

by brian king |

Durable plastic chairs? Yep…we’re not kidding! Forget the dozens of tests, trials and tribulations our team has gone through to prove it. And trust us, we’ve done plenty. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is used in countless practical applications like outdoor playground equipment, food containers, cutting boards, and even boat cabinetry because of its longevity, durability and lack of maintenance. We use recycled HDPE with a UV package added with the color pigments to reduce the effects of the sun and ensure our furniture is in it for the long haul. If you don’t believe us, listen to this story sent to us from customer Kristin McRae whose chairs had a run-in with a windstorm on a lake.

A letter from Kristin McRae to Loll:

Our family has been at our cottage in the Kawartha region of Ontario, Canada since May 1. Our cottage is on an island, and we have been riding out COVID-19 and braving the elements (snow, rain, wind, sun, heat) in our 100+ year old cottage with our two little kiddos. Last year we got six of your flat Adirondack chairs and a couple of Satellite tables for the dock from the amazing Lisa (@stonylake). They’ve been awesome for our usual swimming and enjoying the view, and this year for physically distant drinks and visits with friends. 

 After a particularly bad windstorm in June, we realized that one of our chairs was missing. We assumed that given the weight of the chairs, it had sunk, and planned to dive for it once the weather improved. Our lake is a very tightly-knit community, and after the storm everyone was reaching out to return belongings that had blown away. Two days after the storm, we got a text from a friend, whose friend had had a red chair wash up at their place. It was ours!


 The chair traveled about 2 ½ miles (4 km) as shown on this map.


It now sits on our dock, dubbed the Hero’s Chair, for the voyage that it survived. We’re grateful for our wonderful community for getting it back to us, and for your great product that could survive such a test with a few scrapes but otherwise fully intact!

We loved hearing about this nautical adventure and were happy to send replacement arms to easily swap out the scratched ones and make it like new – it’s the least we could do for the ‘Hero’s Chair!’

Adirondack Chair Case Study

A hero’s welcome home


If our Adirondack chair can survive a 2 ½ mile voyage in a windstorm and wash up days later on the beach, we’re confident when we say it will last for a lifetime of all-weather backyard gatherings with your friends and family.

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