penguins and furniture

2_Sketch 1_Sketch 4_Build_Frame 6_Panel 9_Painting_Begins adam-final If you have ever visited the Loll HQ you might have noticed two things (the beer stashed under Nate’s desk doesn’t count). There’s a whole lot of black richlite AND it’s naked. Don’t get the wrong idea – we love a  clean look, but our large expansive walls are prime real estate for some art, and we lollygaggers love art. It was decided that a piece needed to be commissioned and Duluth artist Adam Swanson was up for the challenge. His signature colors, mechanical flare, and signature penguin even managed to make an appearance. His painting turned to out to be the largest he’s done and it looks amazing. He worked with the owners of Loll Designs, Epicurean, andIntectural to come up with a piece that would showcase each product, but also represent our city Duluth, and our company’s philosophy of enviromental stewardship. I had a chance to talk to Adam before he and his lovely wife and son embarked on a journey to Sweden: Is this the largest piece you’ve ever done? I actually have done murals larger than this before, but this is the largest free standing painting I have done. It measures 7’10” Tall x 8′ Wide Do you have a studio? I use two small rooms and a basement workshop in my home, which has worked out nicely so far. Though, it can get a little tight at times What medium did you use? Acrylic and wood paneling How long did it take for you to complete?  Start to finish it took about 2 months What is your favorite Loll product? My dog Mckenzie and Katie really love our dog dish stand. Though a set of blue curved Alfresco dining chairs would be a dream to own If you had to eat one thing for the rest of you life what would it be? Definitely fish tacos What is your favorite MN brew? Starfire Pale ale is my favorite Minnesota beer And lastly, where do you see yourself in 10 years? I see myself captaining a hot air balloon over Spain and painting about the experience Thanks, Adam! Please visit to see more of Adam’s work!