Lollyagger Dining Collection: 3 Scenes

Lollyagger Dining Collection: 3 Scenes

This week I thought I would highlight our new Lollygagger Dining Collection. Like all our modern furniture, this collection comes in 10 different colors. This leaves endless possibilities and choices so I thought I would create three different set-ups using our new Lollygagger Bench and Picnic Table based on three different modern patios.

Minimalist Desert Patio

c600x479 Modern Picnic Table in Sunset Orange Modern Outdoor Bench in Leaf Green Bent Paddle Beer (made in Duluth!) Epicurean Handy Cutting Board Modern Planters in White

Shaded and Effortless Backyard

c600x539 Modern Picnic Table in Black Modern Firepit in White Happy Habitat Blanket Saveur Magazine

Au Naturel Deck

c600x444 Modern Picnic Table in Evergreen Wallbanger in White Vikre Gin (Made in Duluth!) Malm Firepit *click on photos to be taken to our polyvore page with more source links!