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Fathers Day Gift Guide: MN Style

by Loll Designs |

Fathers Day is just around the corner. June 15th is a day to celebrate and recognize the dear and loved dads that taught us to ride our first bike, gave us our first sip of beer when mom wasn’t looking, and let us watch Arachnophobia when we were 8 (which gave me nightmares for months straight). Oh, dads. They really are something special. In honor of this years Fathers Day I put together a little gift guide that focuses on Minnesota made products. 2385485-p-MULTIVIEW These Red Wing Boots are not only functional, but their pretty damn good looking too. Made in Minnesota by Red Wing , this company has the experience and knowledge when it comes to the art of shoe making. They have mastered them to be practical for work and play. IMG_6335 IMG_6235 When it comes to modern woodworking in Minnesota look no further than Marvin Freitas. His maple bookends would make any book worm father happy. His hand turned tables aren’t too shabby either. wallbanger_green wallbanger_2 Make your dad’s dream come true with Loll’s Wallbanger. This wall mounted bar will house his favorite cocktails and make your neighbors extremely jealous. Duluth-Exp-Logo 20130818_duluth-beer1 If you’re not into wrapping presents how about giving your dad an experience to remember (depending on how much they drink that is…). And what dad wouldn’t want that experience to include beer? Many cities offer beer tours, and if you live in Duluth Minnesota, you’re in luck! The Duluth Experience will happily drive you around to tour all the brewhouses and distilleries in the Duluth area. MNBELT_BLUE_COIL__58770.1396626711.1000.1000 MNBELT_GROUP__96852.1396626717.1000.1000 What do you get when you combine your dads love for clothes and Minnesota? A cool belt of course. Duh. Help keep your dads pants up with this belt made exclusively for Askov Finlayson featuring good ol’ Minnesotaaaaaah. That wraps up the Modern Fathers Day Gift Guide. Cheers and beers to all the dads out there!