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What’s in a name? The lowdown on Loll’s moniker

by Loll Designs |

Here at Loll, we get a lot of questions about our name. We’d like to clear the air.

The lowdown on Loll's name

What is it?

A verb

What does it mean?

To sit, lie, or stand in a lazy, relaxed way

How does that look?

Man sprawled out in Adirondack chair Or … Man on chair with Halloween mask on Or … Man in Loll chair with Halloween mask on Or … DSC_7528 resize Or … Baby in Loll chair

Use it in a sentence please.

“The man nonchalantly lolled in his chaise lounge chair.” Man relaxing in Chaise lounge chair


lounge, sprawl, drape oneself

How do you say it?

Läl or lahl (listen here)

What it’s not?

Lol or to “laugh out loud”Hashtag Lol in circle with a line through it There you have it. Now, keep calm and Loll on.