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Loll’s commitment to zero waste: How our plastic scraps become green drainage piping

by Loll Designs |

At Loll, we’re proud that all of our outdoor furniture is made from 100% recycled plastic. But, like all manufacturing facilities, we do generate waste.  The difference is what we do with our waste. We have a process that recycles all of our waste. Let me explain how this works.

A zero-waste facility

Loll uses CNC (computer numerical control) machines to cut recycled plastic sheets into furniture components. CNC machines are our best friends; they read our 3D design files and cut out parts so we don’t have to cut them by hand (which we did for years – been there, done that). blog-cnc-0-908 blog-cnc-1-908 blog-cnc-3-908 blog-cnc-4-908-2 In the process of cutting the plastic sheets, we end up with small plastic chips and extra chunks of plastic as waste products. (Think about making cookie cutouts – you always end up with extra dough after you’ve stamped the rolled-out dough. Same deal here.) blog-cnc-5-908 blog-poly-shavings-908-2 Rather than sending this waste to the landfill, we send it to Choice plastics, an industrial scrap plastic recycler in Mound, Minnesota.  Each month we send Choice Plastics around 30,000 pounds of scrap – waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Choice Plastic recycles the plastic and sells it to a drainage tubing manufacturer. Using our recycled plastic, this company manufactures environmentally friendly drainage pipes that offer viable green alternatives to concrete and steel pipes. The fact that our waste can be turned into another product – just like we can turn used milk jugs into outdoor furniture – is truly a wonderful thing. It’s like the circle of life.