Loll Loves Minnesota Public Radio

Loll had the distinct opportunity to work with Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) twice over the summer of 2007. As well as covering local news MPR also broadcasts progressive music via The Current. Check it out. We kicked it off together at the Living Green Expo at the MN State Fair Grounds with a full compliment of Adirondack chairs, a picnic table, and a complete set of the Armless Series, all in black of course. MN Public Radio used the Loll pieces to entice intelligent folk into their booth to listen to the radio broadcast and just to lollygag. MN-Public-Radio-Green-Living-Expo Again at the beloved MN State Fair Grounds in St. Paul, MN, Loll also provided MPR with 24 black benches so the denizens of the fair could again relax and actually watch the radio broadcast live. We were told that the benches worked out wonderfully for their intended purpose of holding peoples bottoms. Since the Fair is a temporary and annual thing, MPR will be using the benches at their corporate offices on the outdoor 5th floor patio until they are again called into derriere action at the State Fair and otherMPR events around the region. MPR-State-Fair-2007-643