Dwell on Design

IMG_8903 Loll just attended Dwell on Design conference in brilliant San Francisco. Primarily a show with a focuson prefab and modern green homes, there was also an assortment of graphic artists, speakers, landscape architecture, fountains, and of course furniture of the indoor and outdoor variety. Green Seed Radio covered the event that was well attended all three days by both the trades and the green conscious public. The Mayor , Gavin Newsom, made an appearence Friday evening while the Lollygaggers and the impeccable Hive Modular architects were stationed comfortably in the DWR Airstream. Stepping inside the trailer a famous smile spread across his face with what must have been the realization of how fun it would be to hang-out with these cool guys from Minnesota. Unfortunately the ice cold Sierra Nevada beer and talk about how wonderful the Airstream would be as a fish house on a frozen lake in the winter, wasn’t enough to get him to sit for a spell. Loll furniture was shown throughout the exhibit but primarily we were planted in the innovative Dwell Outdoor area designed by Shades of Green and installed by the hard working Bertotti Landscaping crew. At the DWR Airstream we had two Adirondacks and a Go Series Table. Near the kitHAUS we had a Go Series side table and two club chairs decorated with hand stiched pillows from Propeller. This was our second public display of the Go Series after the Southern California Home and Garden show and people genuinely like the design and comfort of the chair. The upright back and seat height are made for the more active Lollygaggers and for people who like to get in and out of their relaxation in a hurry like the Hive Modular guys. The entire Dwell Outdoor area was set-up in just over 24 hours and taken down in half that time. Both real and artificial sod was used as well as floating decking, concrete pavers, and tumbled glass. IMG_8945 IMG_8908 Speaking of Hive Modular… IMG_8941 There must be some truth to the old adage that birds of a feather flock together. My traveling companion, Nate, and I found ourselves drawn into the Hive booth on numerous occasions during the show while making plans for the evening activities. Speeding through the streets in a white Avenger to Salt House and finally finding Pliny the Elder; the holy grail of IPA, at the Toronado, were just some of the fantastic adventures we had with Paul and Bryan. We also had a chance to visit the San Francisco Room & Board and found to our surprise the Emmet and Ottoman resting pleasantly in the sun outside the front door! Room & Board is doing an early spring launch in warmer climates with a full launch of Loll products in the spring of 2008. Needless to say we are very excited about this. IMG_8956