Loll donates $30,000 to COGGS Duluth Traverse Gala

Loll donates $30,000 to COGGS Duluth Traverse Gala

At Loll, we lollygaggers are outdoorspeople. We run, ski, hike and perhaps most notably, we mountain bike. Case in point, here’s a picture of our founder and CEO after a lunch ride in Duluth: blog-greg-bike-injury-908-2 Our passion for the outdoors, along with our membership in Patagonia’s 1% for the Planet program, inspired us to once again donate to Duluth-based nonprofit cycling club Cyclists of Gitchee Gumee Shores (COGGS). As part of 1% for the planet, we contribute 1 percent of our sales to area environmental organizations like COGGS every year. It’s something we’re proud of and grateful that we’re able to do. This is the second year in a row we’ve donated to COGGS, bringing our total contributions to more than $60,000. Our donation of $30,000 this year will go toward COGGS’ 4th Annual Duluth Traverse Gala, a big bash that raises money to build the Duluth Traverse. blog-dtgala-invite-908

The Duluth what?

The Duluth Traverse: a 100+ mile network of multiuse trail for mountain biking and other human-powered travel in our hometown of Duluth, MN. When it’s finished (estimated 2017), the Duluth Traverse will span the entire 26-mile-long city limits and be the nation’s longest single track trail system within an urban environment.

It’s a pretty big deal, guys.

blog-hansi-bike-908 In fact, the in-progress trail has received lots of local, state and even national press, including articles in Minnesota Public RadioGear and Pink Bike. To date, 54 miles of the planned 100-mile trail have been completed. We’re happy and excited to announce our donation and support COGGS’ vision of the nation’s largest urban, multiuse, trail system – right in our hometown. Loll’s 2015 contribution will go toward building a key link in the trail: a five-mile path between Hartley Park and Lester Park, which COGGS hopes to complete this summer. Visit COGGS’ website to find all the Duluth Traverse Gala information, including how to buy tickets online or donate if you can’t make it. Hope to see you locals at the partay!