let it snow (and rain, and sleet, and…)

snow hawks kyles Most people are pretty surprised that Loll was born in Duluth, Minnesota. I mean, it is sort of ironic since we experience some of the most dramatic weather changes in the lower 48 and our summer is practically only 3 months long. People hear the word Minnesota and immediately think brrrrr. The fact of the matter is that we Minnesotans are pretty resilient to the cold and embrace the changing seasons. People like to use New Years Day to “start anew”, but I’ve always thought our changing seasons were our New Years of sorts. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter provide us with fresh new beginnings (along with seasonal beer selections, clothing choices, and excuses to watch endless amount of netflix when it gets dark at 4pm). So back to the furniture… Thanks to these ever changes seasons, we ended up building some pretty rad furniture that can endure even the harshest of climates.With last weeks snowfall and today’s freezing rain my Loll chairs are sitting pretty (total pun intended).