How to choose your Loll Adirondack chair

How to choose your Loll Adirondack chair

One of the common questions future lollygaggers ask us is: “Which size Adirondack chair should I buy?” We get it. There’s the compact, the standard, the tall … And, if you’re buying online, you can’t play Goldilocks until you find the one that’s juuuuuust right. In this post, we’re going to give you some tips on how to choose your Adirondack chair. subcat_adirondack_sfw

Loll Adirondack chair sizing – demystified

Loll offers three sizes of Adirondack: compact (baby bear), standard (momma bear) and tall (papa bear). First, let’s talk about what they all have in common. All Loll Adirondacks:
  • Are made of the same material: 5/8 thick, durable, recycled plastic sourced primarily from single-use milk jug containers.
  • Are available in 10 environmentally friendly colors.
Loll outdoor furniture color options
  • Are designed with contours in all the right places for optimal comfort.
  • Weigh about 50 pounds.
  • Include a stainless steel bottle opener below right arm (cooler not included).
Loll Adirondack Chair with bottle opener
  • Have a matching ottoman (sold separately).
  • Feature hidden fasteners.
Now, for the difference: The main difference between the three sizes is seat height, meaning the distance from the ground to the seat. Loll Designs Seat Height Comparison Chart:: Compact - 12 inches, Standard - 13.5 inches, Tall - 15.5 inches In addition to their added seat height, the standard and the tall are also 1.5 inches wider than the compact.

Choosing your size

The compact, standard and tall Adirondacks are all the same chair and sit the same; it’s just a matter of getting in and out of it. To determine which size is right for you, think about who’s going to be sitting in the chair.  For an older crowd or those who are vertically gifted, we’d recommend the tall size, as it allows for an easier entrance and exit. Beyond that, it’s all a matter of preference. We always tell people, when in doubt, you can’t go wrong with the standard. Still have questions about our Adirondack chairs? Feel free to email or call us.