Adam Swanson

original_Green_Cruiser_sm original_goat_cormorant_boat_shore_sm original_Magnificent_Connection_sm Like our furniture, the work of Adam Swanson, is both aesthetically pleasing and carries an important environmental message. His art sheds light on the significance of the human impact to our natural world. He often includes animals (lots of beloved penguins), bicycles, and wind turbines; mostly inspired by his previous job supporting science in Antarctica. In his artist statement, he writes: In my work I deconstruct the ideas that are part of our childhood and adult culture. My work also addresses the future, fragility of the human presence, perseverance of nature and underlying threads of danger that underpin societies. He currently resides in Duluth and has an upcoming show in March (details here). For those outside the region you can see more of his work and contact info here