A visit with Paul Stankey of Hive Modular


Paul’s big red truck



Stankey Residence



Our Cabrio Lounge Chair and 18″ Satellite Table






Pondering Paul



Rad mailbox


During a recent trip to Minneapolis for the MN AIA Conference, we visited with our Hive Modular compatriots Brian Meyer and Paul Stankey to discuss good beer, bad design, and the usefulness of late 60’s electronics. Paul and his impeccable rock star wife Sara put us up for the night in their modern modular home in NE Minneapolis; just a stone’s throw from the Mississippi River and Psycho Suzie’s.

Paul and Sara’s house is fitted comfortably between more traditional NE Minneapolis homes providing a contrasting yet clean, sharp definition of space to the neighborhood. Refined custom steel and wood work designed and fabricated by Paul adds to the clean finish and refined furnishings, and the high ceilings and well-placed windows supply wonderful amounts of daylight for doing all sorts of activities inside. If everyone knew how wonderful it is living inside a box nobody would ever pitch their roof again!