Since 2008, Loll and our sister companies (collectively known as Good Sheet) have taken a field day each year to plant trees. All of us are concerned with keeping our environment not only vibrant but also clean, healthy and beautiful. We try to find places that are in need of cleanup and watershed restoration to protect the ecosystem connected to our beloved Lake Superior. Check out some of our past projects below.

2014: Keene Creek Clean-up and Tree Planting

This year, we were particularly excited to not only team up with local business Bent Paddle Brewing and Involta but also to focus on a green space in our own backyard: the Keene Creek. On Sunday, June 1st a total of 24 volunteers spent almost 4 hours cleaning up 900 pounds (that’s right!) of garbage. We found shopping carts, a highchair, a sink and much more waste which certainly did not belong on the banks of a creek. A total of 20 trees – which included White Pine, Tamarac and White Cedar – were also planted and fenced.
The City of Duluth played an imperative role in this year’s event by providing the integral tools for clean-up and planting. The City also coordinated the pick-up of all the garbage collected. The event concluded by rewarding the volunteers with the tasty beverages crafted – with Lake Superior water, of course – by Bent Paddle Brewing. Always a gratifying day, we already look forward to next year’s event…because we give a sheet.

2013: Tree Planting

June 20th marks the first anniversary of the devastating flood that hit the Duluth area. 10 inches of rain fell in some parts of our area causing more than $100 million in damage.

We found the time to be refreshingly ironic as we set off on our annual tree planning exercise. Employees from Loll Designs, and our sister companies Epicurean and Intectural, all joined to plant trees in four areas around Duluth. Erosion from stream beds were hit the hardest from the flood and we saw that first-hand as we sought to plant and rehab those areas.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s planning to focus on areas in Duluth which need it most. Plus, fresh air and getting your hands a bit dirty is always nice change from the office!

2012: Tree Planting

On Friday June 15th Loll, Intectural, and Epicurean teamed up with the Duluth Streams Corps for our annual tree planting. A hillside along Tischer Creek on both sides of the Superior Hiking Trail between Woodland Ave and the Hartley Nature Center was planted to help prevent soil erosion, bring back native tree species, and help protect trout habitat. This year, unlike past years, we planted fewer trees but installed a fence around all of them. The success rate is much higher with this method and it becomes a quality over quantity tree planting. This also allowed us to plant more desirable tree species that deer would normally eat like white pine. Tree Count: 68 pines, 32 mountain ash, and 5 yellow birch were planted and fenced. 87 white spruce and 50 shrubs were also planted for a total of nearly 250 plantings.

Teaming up with the Duluth Stream Corps, a division of Community Action Duluth, provided expertise in what, how and where we planted. The Corps also provided tools, trees, fencing, and all other supplies as well as coordinating with the city and landowners.

2011: Tree Planting

Duluth’s Chester Bowl and Amity Creek got another helping hand from employees of Loll Designs, Epicurean Cutting Surfaces, and Intectural at this years annual tree planting.

2010: Tree Planting

We planted nearly 4000 trees in two locations; Chester Creek Park in the city of Duluth, and the Amity Creek in East Duluth.

2009: Tree Planting

Our second year had us working harder to plant 2000 trees, over three times as many as we did our first year!

2008: Tree Planting

Here’s a photofabulous record of what we did our first year!