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Storing Between Uses:

When your Nomad™ firepit is not in use always put the cover on the unit to prevent any water or dirt buildup in the burner. Make sure the fire pit has been off for at least 30 minutes and all rocks are cool before putting the cover on.

Winter Storage:

You should avoid leaving your Nomad™ firepit out in harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures. When storing your firepit for the winter make sure to disconnect and remove the propane tank before brining it inside and storing in a dry and secure location. Store the propane tank separately from the unit. Put the cover on the unit to prevent dust buildup.

Who can do repairs on the gas assembly system for my firepit?

Any repairs or work done to the gas assembly should be done by a qualified gas professional. If you smell gas or a leak is discovered turn the gas valve off, disconnect propane gas tank and do not use the appliance until the leak is repaired.

How can I get replacement parts?

New parts can be purchased from Tohst Modern Living. Parts may or may not be covered by warranty depending on when the unit was purchased. Please note that not using manufacturer approved or supplied parts/accessories may result in a defective condition and void the warranty of your Nomad™ Firepit.  Full warranty details available from Tohst Modern Living.

Refunds and Returns:

Customers have a 21 day window after placing their order to return the product and request a refund from Tohst Modern Living. Refunds will not be issued for returns until the product has been recieved, inspected for damages and passed inspection Nomad™ Firepits cannot be returned once fire media (rocks) have been installed in the upper pan. See shipping policy for more information about the order processing times. A item # and model # will be required to submit a return inquiry.