2013_loll_treeplanting_2 2013_loll_treeplanting_3 2013_loll_treeplanting_8 2013_loll_treeplanting_14 loll_treeplanting_10 Starting in 2008, Loll staff has taken a field day each year and gone out to plant trees. All of us here are concerned with keeping our environment not only vibrant, but clean, healthy and beautiful too. We try to find places that are in need of watershed restoration and by providing some of what’s needed in the form of trees and shrubs we become a constructive part of restoring our local ecosystem. June 20th marks the first anniversary of the devastating flood that hit the Duluth area. 10 inches of rain fell in some parts of our area causing more than $100 million in damage. We found the time to be refreshingly ironic as we set off on our annual tree planning exercise. Employees from Loll Designs, and our sister companies Epicurean and Intectural, all joined to plant trees in three areas around Duluth. Erosion from stream beds were hit the hardest from the flood and we saw that first-hand as we sought to plant and rehab those areas. We’re already looking forward to next year’s planning to focus on areas in Duluth which need it most. Plus, fresh air and getting your hands a bit dirty is always nice change from the office!