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The Rapson Collection: A tribute to a designer ahead of his times

by Loll Designs |

In 2011, Loll joined forces with one of the great names of mid-century design – one of the most prolific and well-loved architects of the twentieth century: Ralph Rapson. Ralph Rapson on porch Ralph Rapson (1914-2008) was part of an exhilarating era in American modernist architecture/design and produced hundreds of furniture designs – many of which are alive and influencing designers today. Ralph Rapson standing by sketches Almost a decade ago, Loll CEO Greg Benson ran into Ralph’s son Toby at an event in Minneapolis. Toby was working to put his father’s classic designs back into production, and his meeting with Greg prompted Toby to rethink his father’s notable rocking chair in the Loll model: As an eco-friendly outdoor rocking chair made with recycled materials. It wasn’t long before Loll’s Rapson Collection was born. “It became a collaboration between us and Loll to translate the chairs Ralph Rapson drew to a new innovative product.” – Toby Rapson

The Rapson Collection

Rapson Rocker & Lounge Chair

Loll’s Rapson Collection began with the Rapson Rocker, a modern version of the Rapid Rocker. Based on 1939 drawings by Ralph, the Rapid Rocker was manufactured by K G. Knoll Associates under Ralph’s supervision before his death. ralph rapson sketch Original Sketch of the Rapson Lounger from 1939 Rapson-Rocker lounge chair by Loll Designs The Loll Rapson Rocker In 2012, we launched the Rapson Rocker as well as a non-rocking version, the Rapson Lounger. Both are made to pair perfectly with our Rapson Ottoman. Rapson Lounge Chair

Rapson Cave Chair

During one of their meetings, Greg and Toby came across one of Ralph’s old sketches dating back to 1943. products_rapson_cavechair_environment_Sketch_-_Cave_Chair Ralph’s original sketch was a plywood interpretation of a traditional wingback chair – with a little Rapson flair added. Ralph originally conceived this chair as plywood with a cushion, but it was never actually produced. Our team worked collaborated with Toby to translate Ralph’s drawings into our signature material: weatherproof and responsible recycled plastic. The Cave Chair is named after the earth-excavated Cave House that Ralph designed with architect Dave Runnells in 1939 but never built.

Rapson Birdhouse

A modern bungalow fit for two families, the Rapson Birdhouse  is based on an actual sketch by Ralph. rapson_birdhouse_white_blue This avian home resembles Hope Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, which Rapson designed and built in 1971. Hope Lutheran Church in Minneapolis MN Retro furniture meets recycled outdoor furniture. We like to think Ralph would be pretty pleased knowing his modern chairs are now made with both materials and manufacturing capabilities not available when they were first conceived. View the entire Rapson Collection >>