Sustainability, Durability + Style: What makes HDPE the best?

Sustainability, Durability + Style: What makes HDPE the best?

Welcome to the world of HDPE - where outdoor furniture is more than just a piece of decor – it's a statement of sustainability, durability, and modern style. We're excited to teach you all we know about HDPE, comparing it to traditional materials like wood, metal, and even other HDPE options - because it's not just about having good-looking furniture - it's about a whole new level of longevity and quality for your outdoor space.


Loll Designs’ High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Image: A closup of HDPE Pellets that are used to Create the Sheet material that Loll produces furniture from.

What is HDPE and Why is it a Game-Changer?

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) stands as a game-changer in the world of outdoor furniture materials. The "high-density" part comes from the tight packing of its molecular chains, making the material exceptionally strong. Unlike traditional options, #2 HDPE is durable, has longevity for those seeking furniture that thrives outdoors, and is one of the most recyclable materials - not only of plastics, but of all furniture material choices - making it an excellent choice for year-round lollygagging.  


Sustainability and Ecological Responsibility 

Image Left: A closup of the Loll HQ Signage. Image Right: A graphic depicting the steps of a products in the circular economy.

When evaluating the sustainability of a product or material, it's beneficial to establish its place in the circular economy. In a circular economy, resources are reused, repurposed, and recycled, creating a closed-loop solution that minimizes waste and maximizes sustainability. This is why at Loll Designs we make sure you can effectively recycle your products through our material reutilization program. You can send products or parts back to us, and we’ll ensure all the materials are properly recycled and don’t end up in a landfill. All of our HDPE products are Cradle to Cradle Certified™ which is a standard for designing and producing products in ways that enable a healthy and sustainable future.


Low Maintenance and Easy Care

Image Left: Two Lollygagger Lounge Chairs with a side table beside them in a southwest styled backyard. Image Right: Two Adirondack Chairs sitting around a lit fire in the middle of winter.

Our HDPE is impressively resilient – standing strong against the wear and tear of outdoor living. Its density and non-porous nature not only make it smooth to the touch but also a breeze to keep clean – no room for dirt or grime, and no need for sanding, painting, or staining. From rain to sunshine, snow to sand, our furniture thrives in all weather conditions, and using just a soft bristle brush and a little soapy water can help make it look good as new, so you can enjoy the outdoors effortlessly with furniture that's as low-maintenance as it is durable.


Design and customization options

Image: All colors of Loll's HDPE sample blocks stacked on a rock.

The colors in our sheets are infused throughout the entire material versus other manufacturers who only color the surface - our HDPE is a consistent hue from top to bottom, inside and out - contributing to long-lasting colors and products that stand the test of time. Our HDPE sheets are also created with an added UV package, blended during the pigment infusion, resulting in furniture that is less likely to fade in the sun.

HDPE vs. Traditional Materials: What’s Best-Suited to Outdoor Furniture?
Traditional Wood vs. HDPE
Say good-bye to the constant upkeep that comes with traditional wood outdoor furniture – the never-ending cycle of painting, staining, the battle against rot, splinters, or fading, and the invasion of mold and mildew. Wood's classic charm often transforms into a maintenance nightmare, leaving you with more chores than time to appreciate the outdoors. In contrast, our HDPE furniture not only looks good - but stands the test of time - meaning no rotting, painting or sanding needed, making it the perfect companion for lollygagging outdoors.

Metal vs. HDPE 

Image Left: A close up of rust on a metal piece of furniture. Image Right: A lollygagger lounge chair that is backlit by the sun. A blanket rests on the back of the chair with a drink on the arm of the chair.

Metal's challenges can turn your outdoor retreat from relaxing to stressful. With tedious tasks like painting and fighting against the rust and corrosion, to annoying features like its heavy weight and scorching heat that makes using your outdoor furniture unbearable. With our HDPE furniture, there is no need to combat rust issues or sharp, painful edges. Rest easy knowing that our furniture will last for many years – no painting, no sanding - while looking just as good. (And here's an eco-friendly bonus: while painted and coated metals are hard to be recycled, our HDPE furniture can be recycled and reused.).


Wicker and Rattan vs. HDPE 

Left Image: Closeup of a wicker chair with damage. Right Image: A Loll Lollygagger Lounge Chair, Side Table and Ottoman sitting on a deck in the desert.

 When considering outdoor furniture options, Wicker and Rattan pale in comparison to the durability and resilience of HDPE. Prone to mold & mildew, fading, and splintering, Wicker and Rattan lack the longevity and durability that HDPE offers. The constant need for cushions for comfort and storage during stormy or snowy weather further reduces their practicality. Despite a cheap material build quality, Wicker and Rattan struggle to withstand outdoor conditions, while HDPE has everything that Wicker and Rattan do not, providing a durable, low-maintenance, and long-lasting solution for outdoor furniture needs.


Loll vs Other HDPE

Image: Two Modern Lollygaggers sitting on a dock in two Hi-Rise Chairs with a 40 bridge that connects the two chairs.

When it comes to HDPE, it’s not all created equal and we take pride in the features that set our HDPE apart. Texture, color consistency and HDPE purity are all things that affect the overall quality of the furniture. 

First, our textured surfaces are a testament to the fact that it's poly, not wood. Unlike faux wood, our orange peel texture is a carefully crafted element that not only feels pleasing to the touch but also resists minor scratches, ensuring high performance and a modern feel.

Our HDPE material stands out for its unique coloring process (as mentioned above). Pigments are added during the extrusion of the sheet, ensuring that colors are not just a surface application but remain consistent throughout the material. What truly sets our HDPE apart is its purity – free from fillers like fiberglass or polyethylene fiber strands, and no air pockets or holes created from gases. This consistent and dense material is the key to ultimate durability.

Our commitment to clean design extends to smooth edges on all parts of the furniture. Being pure HDPE and non-porous, not only does it feel better to the touch, but it also simplifies cleaning as there's no room for dirt and grime to build up. We have redefined HDPE to deliver not just furniture, but an elevated experience in performance, consistency, purity, and design.


Image: A sideview of a man sitting on a cabin porch in an Adirondack Rocker Chair with another empty chair beside it.

Empower your outdoor space with furniture that not only speaks to your style but also echoes your commitment to sustainability. Choose Loll Designs for a blend of modern sophistication, durability, and eco-friendliness. Make informed choices, demand transparency, and feel free to contact us here with any questions. Your outdoor oasis deserves the best!