Polar Explorer at Loll HQ

over_top_world_lg will-steger-2 Polar Explorer and Environmentalist Will Steger stopped by the Loll HQ recently on his way through Duluth. Via 1% for the Planet, Loll has teamed up with Will’s foundation to aid in the global goal of positive climate change solutions. Will believes many of these changes are doable and at the same time will improve our economy, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and create jobs all at the same time. Will has the unique position of being one of a very few humans to see firsthand the effects of global warming  in the Arctic. See how Loll is working with the Will Steger Foundation here. The route that Will traveled by dogsled in 1986 is no longer navigable because the ice is simply gone and not returning anytime soon. The Arctic is the most changeable surface on the surface of the earth, but the last 20 years have seen more change than in the last 100,000. From the WST: “The polar regions are important for several reasons. First of all, they are the canaries in the coal mine; effects of global warming are seen first and most dramatically near the poles. Second, warming at the poles directly effects the climate of the rest of the world. Melting ice increases freshwater output from Arctic rivers, slowing ocean circulation and raising the sea level. The retreat of reflective snow and ice cover exposes more area of dark-colored land and water to solar radiation; this additional absorbed heat further warms the oceans and earth. The Arctic permafrost itself may contain the most dire effects of all. As it melts, it releases trapped carbon and methane greenhouse gases. Arctic soils hold one-third of the earth’s soil carbon. If this were released, it would dwarf human-caused emissions.” Find out more about what you can do to help slow down global warming; we are! …………….. The Will Steger Foundation is dedicated to creating programs that foster international cooperation and leadership through environmental education and policy. As an eyewitness to the reality of global warming, and as an explorer taking on daunting challenges, the Will Steger Foundation inspires people to embrace the transition to a low-carbon economy: exploring the path forward and leading the way through exciting education, citizen engagement and international cooperation. Will and his foundation are educating, inspiring and empowering people of all ages to engage in climate change solutions.