Meet Pliny. The Lounge Chair

[caption id="attachment_8072" align="aligncenter" width="600"]c600x518 pliny the lounger on Polyvore[/caption] It’s not happenstance that we announce the launch of Pliny the Lounger days after the craft beer, Pliny the Younger. Russian River Brewing Co launched this super-hoppy triple IPA…and some are calling it the best beer on Earth. While our mouths water, let’s focus back to one of beer’s best companions: the chair. Inspired by the ubiquitous “motel” chair from the 1940’s, Pliny is our update on classic retro furniture. A stainless steel frame marries our recyclable material to create the classic “bounce” feel that brings a flash to the past…or maybe that was the IPA talking. Inspired by the 1950’s motel chair, the Pliny is a combination of retro lounge chair meets modern world. Say goodbye to your gramma’s rusted out porch chairs. This modern lounge chair is here to stay.