Loll LEEDing the Way

Throughout the architectural and construction community LEED certified buildings are all the buzz. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council in 1998. The basic premise of LEED is to design and construct a building that meets high standards for environmentally sustainable construction. Six areas of focus for LEED certified buildings are sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, and innovation and design process. All these areas have been lumped together for a more sustainable design and construction process that should be good news and a better direction towards solving some of the environmental issues facing all of us. amli_a The building industry greatly impacts our environment. It is easy to see once you add up the total energy, water, and emissions used and generated from manufacturing raw materials, the transportation of finished materials, and everything that goes into the construction. Additionally, the energy used and emissions created over the lifetime of a building are considered in its environmental footprint. LEED takes a holistic look at the entire process and life span of a building. amli_b On top of all this aesthetics also play a role in LEED certification. Good design for the eye is important, but a building should also be invigorating and life giving to the humans who inhabit them. Sunlight and fresh air are important and you shouldn’t have to go outside to get it. Since 1998 LEED certified projects have snowballed to all 50 states in the U.S. involving more than 14,000 projects. Loll has been fortunate to be a part of numerous LEED projects over the past 3 years all over the country and right in our home town of Duluth. Loll furniture adds to LEED certification with recycled material content. There are additional points earned if the project is 500 miles or less from our manufacturing plant. amli_c Recently Loll was chosen to provide the rooftop deck furniture for the AMLI 900 Luxury Apartments in downtown Chicago. AMLI 900 is the first New Construction LEED certified rental building in the city of Chicago, and the first completely smoke-free rental building in Chicago. AMLI’s first LEED certified development. amli_f The 24 story 440 unit building was partially constructed with recycled materials, has a green roof, incorporates energy efficient lighting and HVAC systems. It is close to public transportation, and includes an outdoor dog run, internet café, and health club. Loll designed a new chaise lounge for the project and 24 were placed in a sweeping crescent facing Lake Michigan and the city below. amli_e Two full sets of the GO collection are nested beneath a large pergola, and 4 Adirondacks face a rooftop open fireplace for nighttime relaxation. The heavy stature of all the loll pieces made them perfect for a windy rooftop where blowing furniture is not an option.