Loll Does Fall

Fall has arrived. Time to stash away the beach towels, summer ales, and that banana hammock you thought you could pull off. The cool weather and changing leaves bring about new activities, wardrobes, and drink selections. We decided to pair some of our favorite Loll products with some of our must-haves for fall. Bonus: all of these are made right here in America AND have roots in Minnesota. c600x436 Nothing really beats a good fire and a s’more or two when the temps drop. Inspired by childhood curiosity and growing up sailing in lakes in Minnesota, these Mast Brother Chocolates are handmade by Rick and Michael Mast in NYC and would make a Hershey Bar cry. The Loll Fire Ring completes the pairing and makes for a perfect fall evening. It’s ability to morph into a cocktail table is an added bonus. c600x453 Outdoor clothing is just as important as what you wear under it. After getting her degree in apparel design at the U of M, Annie Larson, started ALL Knitwear out her Minneapolis studio and is now selling her hats (and sweaters) to a worldwide audience.  Every fall we take out our box of winter essentials which usually includes a dozen or so hats and gloves. What better place to store your winter accessories than in one of our credenza’s or Mondo containers? c600x542 Umbrella drink days are over, but with that brings a whole new concoction of winter weather libations. Farmers Gin is handcrafted in Minnesota and has the perfect combination of juniper, elderflower, and lemon grass. A shot of this with soda water and cherry bitters and you’re good to go. Another go-to is Root. This concoction (which hails from Philly) combines sassafras, sarsaparilla, and birch bark. What could make these drinks even better? How about keeping them in a mounted outdoor wet bar? Our Wallbanger is the perfect place to store your drink mixes and serve them up at your next outdoor gathering.