Loll + Autocamp: The Perfect Pairing, from Style to Sustainability

Loll + Autocamp: The Perfect Pairing, from Style to Sustainability

We love companies who love the outdoors. When AutoCamp needed durable, sustainable furniture for two unique guest properties we knew this would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Our mid-century style designs not only look great amongst the 100+ super-sleek Airstream suites at their Joshua Tree and Cape Cod experiences but also met their needs for eco-friendly, low-waste shipping with no maintenance necessary.

It was important for AutoCamp that the company they worked with to outfit each location shared their same care and stewardship for the planet. Read more about AutoCamp’s journey to find the perfect outdoor furniture.

Why Choose Loll?

Picking the right outdoor furniture for AutoCamp meant it had to match their style, their ethos, and of course, stand up to the elements. Will Spurzem, Autocamp’s Design Director at the time, explains, “When I joined there was an office full of derelict samples and failed experiments, we tried everything from custom makers with eBay and powder-coated metals and everything we could think of to get durable pieces that will last a long time in the outdoors and look great doing it. All of our clubhouses have a strong Mid-Century/Scandinavian influence. They’re minimal and designed to be an iconic look and functional and inviting to use. So, Loll is a perfect extension of all of those brand ethos points, and then to top it off there’s a really strong thread of sustainability. We don’t want to replace furniture every 3 years.”


Image: Two Driftwood Lollygagger Lounge Chairs sit side by side behind a lit fireplace. The Lollygagger Lounge Chair on the right has a cup of coffee sitting on the right arm along with a folded blanket. Behind the chairs is an Airstream Trailer. This scene takes place in the desert at Autocamp in Moab, Utah

All-Season, All-Weather

AutoCamp shares Loll’s love of the outdoors and is open year-round. They needed outdoor furniture to stand up to sun, wind, rain, and snow for their guests to enjoy throughout every season. Their Joshua Tree and Cape Cod locations each pose unique challenges and conditions. Here’s Will’s experience with how Loll furniture is faring in the Northeast: “At Cape Cod we were almost a year in on a project and those pieces of furniture out there had seen two hurricanes and a tornado. In a short year, they’d seen marine air, two hurricanes, a ton of heat and humidity, really strong temperature swings and nothing has gone wrong. We constantly get compliments on how fresh and clean our site looks and I think a lot of that has to do with the Loll finish of the products.”
Another must-have for AutoCamp was to have easily repairable and replaceable pieces for their high-traffic areas for when damage did happen. More on this from Will: “If somebody gets a little aggressive around a fire pit with a cast iron pan and sets it somewhere they shouldn’t, we can get those pieces replaced. The maintenance team has said over and over how much they like working with Loll because there is so little for them to do.”

Image: A L-shaped bar has been created from cement and has a tall and short side. Black Loll Norm stools surround the bar in a dining and bar height. Behind the cement bar is a vivid mural created from shapes and lines in a cream, navy blue, and orange paint colors.

Better for People and Planet

Both Loll and AutoCamp are rooted in keeping the outdoors healthy and sustainable for future generations to enjoy. One of the biggest challenges AutoCamp faced was finding a partner that would keep their environmental footprint low. 

In Will’s words: “We had previously used some site-built furniture at Cape Cod. They came fully assembled, so they weren’t able to be stacked and we probably had about 5 times more cardboard and packaging waste than when our Loll chairs arrived. Loll’s was so easy to assemble and it came flat packed, so it had way less waste.”

We are excited to have our furniture at a design-forward company like AutoCamp that mirrors our love for the outdoors and eco-positive ethos. If Loll can survive Cape Cod's marine air, hurricanes, heat, humidity, and strong temperature swings, then there's not much they can't weather. 

Want to see Loll in the wild? Check out Loll at AutoCamp’s Joshua Tree, Cape Cod, the Catskils and Zion locations. 

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