icffbooth floor lolllove When the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) starts in May it means a few things: 1.) Loll’s about to launch it’s new summer collection 2.) A stay at the Maritime is booked 3.) No sleep for days 4.) The beer will runneth over Each year Loll has a booth at the fair and CEO, Greg Benson and Sales Director, Nate Heydt embark on a not so maiden voyage to NYC. This year the Loll booth was a 20 x 20 island and we decided to go all out with a richlite floor featuring milk jugs, a selection of our new designs, and some new logo action (our take on Robert Indiana’s infamous LOVE sculpture). We encouraged other booths to join in on the fun by creating signs to their booths and posting them on our bird house posts. skate nate maritime highline The highlight of ICFF is staying at the Maritime. A favorite of both Nate and Greg (and also the home of Ted Danson on the HBO showBored to Death – check it out!). It’s right on the highline creating a fun and easy walk to the Javits Center. As you’ve read on other blog posts, us lollygaggers like to use bikes, boards, and our very own legs to get from point A to point B. Many people might think this would be hard and restricting when on the road, but thanks to hotels like the Maritime who have their own bikes to use it’s actually more convenient than waiting for a cab! The other source of transportation was the skateboard! Lets remember Loll was started by a few guys who built skate parks for a living so this shouldn’t be that surprising. Loll brought along some longboards made from the same recycled materials our furniture is made from and set out on the streets of NYC. Brave souls. Until next time, ICFF – salut! IMG_2690