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Hello Go Collection

by Loll Designs |

Once upon a Duluth winter night I was relaxing at home in front of a glowing orange fire and, like I tend to do, I started thinking about chairs. I thought it was time Loll had a chair that wasn’t an Adirondack. I grabbed some clean paper and started sketching some concepts.  We work with flat sheet stock so it would still have thin sides and seat and back. It needed arm rests too. I was sitting in a cushy upholstered club chair at the time and thought we could make something that resembled that in silhouette and with similar dimensions albeit it in plastic and for outside of course. Eventually a new chair presented itself on the now rather messy white paper. The next day I brought the sketch into work and eventually I convinced Ryan O’Malley to draw it up in CAD and get it cut on the CNC. [caption id="attachment_32563" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Lock Block system for hiding fasteners[/caption] We had not developed our Lock Block system for fastening yet so the first Go chair was assembled the traditional way using face screws right through the sides and the arms. The chair was interesting and different for sure but the visible screws really looked bad as they were randomly spaced and stood out like someone in a polar bear suit at a swimming pool in Palm Springs. Attempting to move the fastening inside and out of view, we first started with small off the shelf angle brackets. It was cumbersome and the chair racked and swayed more than was acceptable. This was our first attempt at hidden fasteners and it was apparent we just didn’t have a solution yet. Putting the chair aside for a year or so we continued working on hidden fastening and the Lock Block system was developed. This system allowed us to completely hide all fasteners yet hold the parts together really tight. Most importantly we could flat pack the product. We named the chair the Go and expanded a collection to include a Love Seat. We also designed a coffee table and a side table. We also made both the chair and the love seat rockers and the Go also became our first porch swing. It looks simple but a lot of learning and discovery went into this chair and for us in a significant way launched us into the possibilities that we now see today in all our products. DWR has sold the Go Collection exclusively for the past 5 years, but as retailers benefit from having something new, they gave it back to Loll. Now we are giving it back to you.