Employee Spotlight: Hunter Chartier

Employee Spotlight: Hunter Chartier

At Loll, our employees are really at the heart of everything we do. Without them, milk jugs would still be milk jugs – not modern, all-weather furniture that inspires people to appreciate the outdoors. That’s why we’re starting a new feature on our blog: employee spotlights. First up, is our production supervisor Hunter Chartier. Hunter assembling orange Loll chair in shop He’s been with us for four years and agreed to answer a few questions for you. Let’s dive in.

Q&A with Hunter Chartier

As production supervisor, what are your job duties?

From CNC to shipping, I direct traffic, so to speak. Our Sort/Insert and Assembly teams make sure the right parts go the right Loll item and to the right order. These guys make my job easier with their combined years of experience on the shop floor – a great team here. I also purchase the hardware and packaging materials, as well as create packaging techniques and training for each unique Loll product.

What is a typical day like for you?

Ha! There are no real typical days. I usually am up with my son (Garrett, 9 months), daughter (Maddie, 12) and wife (Andrea). Hunter with his family with waterfall in background I get the little guy dressed and I’m out the door. My work day will involve order progress tracking, inventory of supplies, working at my bench assembling, and squeezing in special projects where and whenever possible. After work, every night is different. Andrea’s work can spill into the evening, there’s Maddie and the sport of the season, but more often than not it’s time for me and Garrett before his bedtime shortly after dinner. Then, it’s time to catch up on the day with the wife before a show on TV or some iPhone time (guilty) and then bed.

What is your favorite Loll product and why?

I like the classic Adirondack – just a clean comfortable chair. But, to work with, I love fully assembling the furniture – any of it. We pre-assemble some product, but mostly we just get it as compact as possible into a box. It’s nice to get to build orders occasionally.

Describe an ideal day of lollygagging.

Just hanging out with the family on a lazy summer day – no agenda at all.

What is your favorite part about working for Loll?

There’s a lot to like about working for Loll. Great people everywhere here, a great use of recycled material, and a great business model in a great city.

Tell us about a unique or quirky habit of yours.

As a former kitchen guy, I need to be on time. Timing is everything in cooking. Maybe it’s a bit OCD too. I get real anxious when I’m late.

What is something you’ve learned in the last week?

Dr. McDreamy died! Only because my wife told me. Then she had to tell me which one he is (was) again. Oh yeah – spoiler alert!

What’s the best advice you ever been given?

“When you have to bend over to pick something up, grunt a little. It makes people think you’re working hard.” – Duffy, my first chef mentor.

Random fact about you – go!

I’m the oldest of my generation – oldest grandchild on both sides.

What is your favorite kind of sandwich?

Reuben. Big pieces of corned beef brisket, baby Swiss, thick rye bread toasted, sauerkraut and a little Russian dressing. Yum. Hunter’s passion for Loll runs deep. In fact, he’s already got his kids involved. Hunter with teenage daughter in Loll shop Baby boy on tractor at Loll shop We’re lucky to have Hunter (and his kids!) on our team.