Annual Tree Planting Day

610407 630407 770407 900407 890407 830407 Starting in 2008, Loll staff has taken a field day each year around Earth Day (frost permitting in MN), and gone out to plant a tree for each order we received in the preceding year. This year we set out at the end of May for a beautiful day of tree planting in Lester River and Chester Creek. 4,000 trees (Evergreen and White Spruce) were planted in the two locations. Just getting to the tree planting site was an adventure as we had to cross a slippery river which took some us down (among those were yours truly)! It was a perfect day for tree planting. The sun was shining, fawns were napping, and employees got a good night sleep that evening knowing that they helped the environment and our favorite parks. You can see more tree planting pictures here.