Ambitious Brew: We Support Surly Brewing!

JFP5615 Surly-illustration-650 We are a huge fan of Surly Brewing Co. It’s often stocked in our fridge, the first beer to go at gatherings, and even used in our product environment shots (see first photo). That is why we were excited to hear they want to expand and create a complex that would house a restaurant, bar, and music venue. In order for this to happen they need to overturn some laws that prohibit breweries like themselves from opening restaurants. Here is what we have to sat about that: There are many large companies that call Minnesota home: Target, Caribou Coffee, and 3M to name a few. Small companies like Loll are equally as proud to have their home address read MN and thus we fully stand behind Surly Brewing Company’s new vision for expansion – not to mention job creation – so they stay here too. The award-winning, 5-year old company is the fastest growing brewery in the country. It’s a fact that local companies give back to the communities and state their employees work and live in. Let’s support brewing businesses so those who want to stay in Minnesota, stay! Let your voice be heard! E-mail your thoughts, concerns, and support to: Mark Dayton at Frank Ball (Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association) at ……………………. Read more about Surly’s ambitious goals and brew here and here.