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all in the family

by Loll Designs |

all-in-the-fam Hawksboot not only provides room + shelter for us lollygaggers, but houses two other businesses, provides materials for other designers to create their own works, and supplies cool stores with our goods. Eastvold Furniture is where it’s at for sleek mid-century design with a modern twist. We love the color play of these credenzas and always look forward to seeing Matt visit our office. Epicurean is no stranger. If anything, it’s more like our bossy big brother (only kidding!). They make some killer cutting boards includingthese ecoplastic cutting boards inspired by us. Imagine that. Need some nifty hardware for your project? Look no further than MOLO Manufacturing Co. Our very own, Matt Becka (from Intectural), is the designer behind these handy knobs and pulls. Made from recycled paper composite these are not only practical, but also conversation worthy. Have you checked out our stockist lately? Loll furniture is popping up all across the country and may be in one of your local stores! If you’re in Minneapolis check out our low back Rapson Rocker at Forage Modern Workshop. They got what’s going on. For reals. [caption id="attachment_8152" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Pretty sweet what can happen under one roof Pretty sweet what can happen under one roof[/caption]