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a d i r o n d a c k

by Loll Designs |

In my experience the word “Adirondack” has always left people tongue-tied and confused…”That’s the chair, right?”  So what’s with this chair and why is it called an Adirondack?

Loll’s recycled plastic Adirondack chair
  The chairs origin can be traced back to the beginning of the 1900’s in the Adirondack Mountains (light bulb just click on?). A man by the name of Thomas Lee was vacationing there and like most people on vacation he wanted to sit and relax and drink lots of beer.  He couldn’t find a chair to fulfill these needs so he ended up designing what he called the “Westport Plank Chair“. Adirondack chairs were born! He then sought to have his chairs constructed and because he was such a nice guy he offered it to his carpenter friend,  Harry Bunnell, who in turn not only made the chairs for Mr. Lee, but he also had the design patented behind Lee’s back! Drama! Bunnel continued to manufacture the chairs the next 20 years. Fast forward 100 years later and three dudes drinking beer and making skate ramps out of recycled material wondered what to do with all the left over scrap. With their spare time they started making it into furniture and decided an Adirondack chair was a good place to start. They thought of all the rotten, faded, and flimsy Adirondack chairs they’ve seen over the years and realized the need to make something that could withstand the elements and also have a modern feel. Loll was born!
fulfilling the purpose of the Adirondack chair
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