Author: Greg Benson

It’s really fantastic to be part of the Makers Movement happening right now, and heading up a small design and manufacturing company in Minnesota has been very rewarding. I started making furniture in 2003 as a way to repurpose unused material from our TrueRide skate park ramps, featured in more than 450 municipal parks all […]

The new 92,000 square foot, $79 million dollar Bell Museum opened this past July in St. Paul, Minnesota. The Bell is Minnesota’s preeminent natural history museum since 1872 and now the all new Bell Museum continues to bring together science, art, and the environment with a unique Minnesota perspective. Designed by the Minneapolis office of […]

The Lollygagger Pale Ale, a beer named after our flagship Lollygagger furniture collection, was a collaboration with our friends and local brewery Bent Paddle Brewing. 5% of the beer’s sales were donated to COGGS to complete the 100 mile urban single track Duluth Traverse bike trail system (see our past blog post here). When the collaboration wrapped up in 2017 […]

Once upon a Duluth winter night I was relaxing at home in front of a glowing orange fire and, like I tend to do, I started thinking about chairs. I thought it was time Loll had a chair that wasn’t an Adirondack. I grabbed some clean paper and started sketching some concepts.  We work with […]