8th Annual Tree Planting & Creek Cleanup

At Loll, we have a great appreciation for the outdoors – not only for playing in our city’s beautiful outdoors but also for keeping it that way. As part of our commitment to helping our environment stay vibrant, clean and healthy, we hold a tree planting and creek cleanup event every year.

Loll Designs Creek Cleanup/Tree Planting logo

Last weekend, we held our 8th Annual Tree Planting & Creek Cleanup, where we dressed like Sasquatches while picking up trash and planting trees.

Us lollygaggers partnered with our sister companies Epicurean and Intectural and other local businesses Bent Paddle Brewing Co.InvoltaRepublic Bank and Frost River to tackle Duluth’s Miller Creek at Lincoln Park. The weather was beautiful, and we were pumped to have such a big crew come together to help improve this area.

Miller Creek road side in Duluth MN

Group shot of cleanup volunteers

2015 Tree Planting & Creek Cleanup by the numbers

  • 7 businesses
  • 72 volunteers

People walking in creek during cleanup

Man with garbage bag next to creek

  • 500 pounds of garbage, including
  • 1 car hood
  • 2 tires

Car tires in back of truck

  • 1 mattress
  • countless articles of clothing

Garbage bags in dumpster

  • 750 trees planted
  • 3 types of trees planted – white spruce, cedar and white pine

Tree seedlings to be planted

A man and woman planting a tree

Tree planted in ground

  • 75 lunches generously donated by Duluth Grill
  • 1 trash queen decorated with our loot

silly photo

  • Boatloads of fun

Guys being silly during tree planting

group getting ready to go plant trees

Two guys holding up seedlings

girl posing with stick

We ended the day with prizes, music, food from The Rambler Food Truck, and of course, Bent Paddle beer.

The Rambler Food Truck

Bent Paddle Beer in coolers

Another successful tree planting and creek cleanup event in the books!